A Place for You!

Traders are looking for a place to plug in… a place where they can interact with other traders that share the same passion, a place where they can learn the skills that will enable them to overcome the obstacles before them, but most importantly, they’re looking for a place where they can benefit from the experiences of a professional who has gone before them and already achieved the type of success they envision for themselves.

A Model of Success
We believe a live trading room should be more than just a place where you can see real-time market analysis and witness live trade calls. When done correctly, a live trading room should illustrate a model of success that encompasses every aspect of a trader’s life, from a daily routine that sets the stage for peak performance, to rock-solid discipline and mental stamina to persevere when times get tough. Of course you have to have carefully crafted trading plan with specific rules of engagement that are known to produce a profit, but above all else, a model of success can be duplicated by anyone willing to invest the time and effort.

Trading Room Details
Live Room Moderator: Frank Young

Dr. Frank Young is a retired US Army officer with a Ph.D. in Engineering and Master's degrees in Business Management and Medical Engineering.  He has been involved with the market for over 10 years; trading Futures, FOREX, Options and Equities.

Days of Operation: Mon - Fri
Hours of Operation: 5am - 10am CST
Market Traded: ES, CL, NQ, YM, GC, ZB, 6B, 6E
Trading Technique: Combination of Auto Trading and Manual Trading

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