Vijay Shah, MNLP, MTLT, DCH

“Frank Young is an excellent trader. He has superb analytical skills and is amazing at back testing to identify the most profitable trading methodology. I first came across him in a predominantly options trading room in August 2014. We immediately hit it off and began exchanging options trade ideas. His trade ideas were superb and highly profitable.

Frank then progressed to day trading the most popular e-mini stock index futures – E-mini S&P 500 – ES, while I day traded SPY options. I was most impressed with his chart set ups and daily analysis. It gave a complete game plan for the day and was most helpful in initiating trades. We hammered away at it every morning for about 6 months, and then, as life happens, we moved our separate ways.

In late 2016, Frank informed me that he was now running his own ES Futures room. When I saw that in one of his trading accounts he had crossed the 6-figure mark in under 9 months, I was most impressed! I learned a complete trading system from him as well as a comprehensive trading plan. Therefore, it was an easy decision to subscribe to his room.

Frank is an advanced trader and in his room he trades several instruments simultaneously such as ES, NQ (E-mini NASDAQ-100), YM (E-mini Dow), ZB (US 30-Year Treasury Bond), CL (Crude Oil) GS (Gold), 6E (EuroFX)  and 6B (British Pound). He has identified a proven system and established a sound trading methodology: he shows you what trade he is going to take, why he is going to take it, how he is going to manage it in terms of stops (specific stop losses) & exits (profit targets & runners for the big money).

An important aspect of Frank’s trading is following certain basic principles, a few of which are as follows: 1. Discipline – practicing it every day on every trade, 2. Consistency – both in terms of stopping trading when the daily loss limit reached and when the daily target is reached, 3. Sticking to his trading methodology – applying the same set of rules day after day, and not changing them with the wind, 4. Decisiveness – avoid procrastination and analysis paralysis by decisively taking a trade once it meets the trade setup. 

While focusing primarily on ES, in the entire month of February 2017, I only had a few losing days and the subscription is more than paid for. If you are not consistently profitable, then, I recommend that you subscribe to his room and test it out for yourself…

Vijay Shah, MNLP, MTLT, DCH

Master Success Coach

Skype: VijayShah1

Danny Z

I met Frank a little over a year ago. At that point I was training in options trading and though the method I was learning was profitable it only qualified as a supplemental income.  I  joined Frank again as he opened his trading room. Through my observations of his methods and the behavior of the market. I’ve gone from a frustrated trader with little to no patience to someone with a better understanding of the market. 

I now have improved habits that have lifted my performance from struggling trader to meeting quotas of 3 to 7 points on average a day.

I see this as just the beginning and I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me. The trading room atmosphere is efficient, with to the point overview charts along with a Morning Quick Shot that helps set up a game plan. Frank’s quick to answer any questions and goes above and beyond any trading rooms I’ve had experience with.

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