"Trade with confidence. Easy build, test and execute trade systems... No code required. Software thousands of traders rely on to save time and money."



Bloodhound is the first software of its kind. It gives traders the ability to build, test, analyze and execute trading systems faster and more efficient than ever before.  Bloodhound will let you take your knowledge of trading and put it into practice the most effective way possible.  With Bloodhound you can determine how profitable your system is before you lay real money down on the line – using simple visual programming.

Whether you are on your own or with a mentor, it is imperative as a trader to back-test tweaks or improvements to any system.  Skipping this crucial step puts you at a serious disadvantage, and is much like shooting from the hip.  You wouldn’t fly with an untested pilot… would you? So why trade an untested system? Truth is, so many traders do because of how time consuming back-testing is… or was. With BloodHound, what once took days is now achievable in minutes!

Until now, the only way to properly back-test a trade strategy was to manually code it in some scripting or programming language… a very tall order for traders who aren’t software developers.  Bloodhound changes all of this. Bloodhound gives you the power to discover great trading systems like never before, no coding required.

Bloodhound is a serious tool for serious traders who want what it takes to succeed in the market.

Trade like a Machine

An auto-trading robot can trade without the emotional baggage & vulnerabilities that a human trader has.  And with as already high percentage of overall trades in the market being executed by auto traded systems today; it’s practically a necessity to have some sort of automated assistance to remain competitive.  Bloodhound gives you the power to execute your trade system without breaking a sweat.  With Bloodhound you can sit back and play the role of a monitor, while it automatically executes orders on your behalf – all according to your system.

Visual Programming

The core feature of Bloodhound is a unique visual programming UI.  Using sophisticated logic and function nodes, you can create trade systems of arbitrary complexity using only your mouse.  Bloodhound is also amazingly fast, enabling you to prototype, test and analyze trading systems faster than you’ve thought possible. Changes to your system are reflected in real-time. This instantaneous feedback boosts creativity and experimentation giving you the ability to hone your system to perfection without the tedium of software process.

Trade System Criteria

At the heart of every trade system lies a list of criteria for entry and exits. These criteria may be things like indicator behavior, price swing patterns or a host of other chart behavior that you observe as a trader.
Bloodhound supports the ability to:

  • inspect indicator slope, cross-overs, inflections, acceleration or comparisons
  • examine multiple timeframes and different chart types including custom charts
  • analyze regression channels and price swing patterns
  • integrate support and resistance logic
  • Read data from custom indicators and charts, downloaded from 3rd party sources or developed by you

Advanced Logic

Bloodhound’s logic templating system includes a suite of logical nodes that serve as the construct for your trading system.  By manipulating these atomic blocks, you can create systems that are limited only by your imagination.


Fuzzy Logic

Bloodhound uses fuzzy logic to compute its results; giving you the option to create trading behavior that mimics expert discretionary traders.  Bloodhound does most of this hard work behind the scenes, so for the most part you don’t even have to think about it.



Bloodhound is also a full-blown auto-trading robot out of the box.  Specific your entry and exist conditions using Bloodhound’s powerful logic capabilities, then execute your actual trades.

One of the key advantages that robotic execution has over manual execution is the complete lack of emotion when placing trades. Trading is a game of probabilities, and only when you execute your system properly can you realize favorable odds.

But I’m already a coder. Why would I need this?

The answer is simple: SPEED. In the time it takes you to manually design, code, test and debug your first crack at a trade system you could be on your 25th iteration with BloodHound. And if you still need to custom code additional logic, integrating it with BloodHound is fast and easy. You get the best of both worlds; ultimate customization + BloodHound’s speed and flexibility.

What BloodHound means to you

BloodHound is an industry first.  It is designed to bring the computational power only once available to hedge funds with deep pockets to the retail trader.  BloodHound’s programmable robotic assistance puts you at the cutting edge of retail trading, allowing you to compete effectively with the big boys.

BloodHound Resources

SharkIndicators provides a library of videos, documentation, support forums and weekly interactive workshops all included with your license of BloodHound.  They can hand hold you through the analysis, and execution of your auto-trading system development.

What is BlackBird

The Sky Is The Limit

This revolutionary Trade Designer allows you to thoroughly manage every aspect of your trade with unparalleled simplicity & flexibility. BlackBird is taking trade management to new heights.

  • Risk Management Capabilities
  • Trade Management Capabilities
  • Money Management Capabilities

Risk Management

Each & every trade has potential for loss. Set your risk tolerance and then let BlackBird automatically calculate and manage the risk for you. Utilize pre-trade contract scaling, and on-the-fly stop-loss trailing.

- Highlights

  • Pre-Program Order Movement
  • Enhanced Position Scaling
  • Limitless User Capabilities

Trade Management

Use the Dynamic Planning feature to preview how your trade will execute based on current market conditions. We have re-defined Trade Management. BlackBird can adjust on-the-fly Entry orders, Profit Targets, and of course Stop-loss orders. That is a complete Trade Manager. Pre-programed order management with unlimited customizable flexibility. The most advanced stop-loss trailing designer in the Ninja ecosystem.

- Highlights

  • Dynamic Planning
  • Entry, Profit, & Stop-loss Management
  • Unlimited Stop-loss Trailing Rules

Money Management

Step back and manage your entire account. Place daily caps on losses. Lock in daily profits. Prevent over trading commission losses. Protect your hard earned profits with the High-Water Mark feature, and start playing with house money.


  • High-Water Mark Profit Protection
  • Limit Your Account Exposure
  • Account Oversight Capabilities

BlackBird Resources

SharkIndicators provides a library of videos, documentation, support forums and weekly interactive workshops all included with your license of BlackBird. You’re never alone when trading with SharkIndicators Software.

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